Project Management of the Creative Spirit?

Do you ever feel split? When you have creative talent, there are always so many things you can do and create. I have known so many amazing and talented artists that just can't seem to get anything finished. How do they feel showing off their rooms of half finished projects? Horrible. Feeling bad never helps the creative spirit. So, it becomes a bad cycle. The only way we can get anything accomplished is by learning to prioritize and focus. Yes, even artists need to learn project management. :) 

So, how do we choose our projects? Well, I think sometimes we get so caught up in what we could do that we forget what we should do.  This is why I always make a point to meditate daily. I use that same skill throughout the day to pull my attention inwards and check my feelings about what I am doing. What do I really want to bring to the world? Take time to connect with the best part of your soul, then allow that part to lead the way. Am I making it sound easy? Excellent. Because it is! Everything is about practice though. We practice our art, so why not practice the disciplines around our art? Just try it once a day. 

Early in my career I made a very firm rule for myself. I never move onto a new project without finishing what I started. If I have waited too long and I am just not 'feeling' it anymore, then I mindfully abandon and re-purpose the canvas or materials. It was hard at first, but trust me,.. with just a little discipline and practice you can accomplish so much. 

But these are just examples of my own process. The new year is coming and I invite you to create a life and creative process that works for you!