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The Omens of Jupiter

Are there good omens or bad omens upon you?  To say the Omens of Jupiter are upon you is to say that the greatest, most divine, powerful omens belong to you. But it is our responsibility to utilize this gift we have. It is said that life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.  Who are you creating yourself to be in this auspicious age?



Time seems to move so fast sometimes. The playful side of me likes to pretend that time is actually speeding up. And, oh my, I still have so much to do!! But these speedy times are a great reminder, not to rush or hurry, but to claim the time to slow down. Art is a wonderful tool for this. Take the time to sit and look at a piece of art. Surround yourself with things that inspire you and give you pause.


The Offering

Om Shanti. I welcome you warmly to my website and to my journey as an artist. After going deeply into spiritual study these past few years, I am bursting with new focus and creative energy. If you see something you like on my site but are not sure if it's available, please feel free to contact me.